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Blurring lines between his motown roots, a love for hip-hop and his charismatic pop-sensible penmanship, Ruben Young is a modern Soul/R&B artist and budding songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. His musical DNA is laced with influence from the likes of James Brown, Justin Timberlake and Mac Miller, but his stories are his own - a mixed race kid from humble beginnings who has dedicated his life to realizing his dreams. What began on a keyboard in his Trinidadian single momma’s basement has blossomed into Apple Music Canada's “New Artist of the Week” attracting +5 million streams and the stages of industry tastemakers such as Live Nation's ‘Ones To Watch’, as well as direct support slots for international icons such as Keisza, Akon, The Chainsmokers, Jarreau Vandal, Nelly, Phony Ppl, Classified and Jocelyn Alice. 


In 2019, Ruben dropped his debut EP, Dreamstate, which featured American rapper Hodgy Beats from Odd Future and Grammy nominated producer, Lord Quest leading to features on Beats 1 Radio, BBC Radio One Extra, CBC, and FM and satellite radio across Canada. 


In Fall 2020, the next chapter in Ruben’s career begins. Something new, something classic. 

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Ruben Young - Flower Girl (Official Video)

Ruben Young - Flower Girl (Official Video)

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  • +110K Streams

  • The Ebro Show "Discovered on Apple Music" Feature - Apple Music 1

  • Virgin Radio 95.9FM Montreal

  • G98.7FM Toronto

  • CBC Radio 2

  • +800 TikTok fan videos 


A nostalgic, psychedelic modern soul single by emerging Canadian R&B artist, Ruben Young. From the mesmerizing brass to the washed out drums, “Flower Girl” is a 70’s soul and counter-culture inspired record about a free spirited, grounded hippie girl who comes into your life and teaches you to breathe the stress away. Her touch is euphoric - something new, something classic.



“Flower Girl” might be my favourite song of all time because of how it was made. I was on a late night layover in Calgary in January and had a few hours to spare, so I went to the studio with a few of my best buddies. At about 2am I played them this beat that I’d been loving and sitting on for months. I figured, shoot - lets see if us bums can whip up something half decent (keep in mind - these friends do not make music at all). Despite the optimism, I was wrong… after about an hour of trash ideas, we were about to call it quits. Defeated, I retreated to scrolling thru instagram and boom - as if it was divine intervention - this girl who everyone in the room knew had just posted a pic. She is this gorgeous, grounded, free spirited girl, who (in my imagination) hangs out in her zen yoga room ft her incense and plants, meditates, listens to The Beatles and knows herself better than anyone. Something about her energy combined with this beat painted the perfect picture in my head of a hippy girl on a beach in Tulum who could take my stresses away like only her and a smiley faced tab could. So I stood up and started singing “Come here Flower Girl, just breeaaaathhe, just breathe with me” and we all knew that was it. I hopped on the plane, went to Mexico for a few real life Tulum memories, and a few months later I finished the verses with two of my best friends Zachary Simon (an amazing writer), and Dakota Laurin (an absolutely tone deaf, regular dude.) I recorded the bridge with 15 of my best friends singing backgrounds, and every single time I listen to it the volume gets twisted all the way up, and It’s pure joy. I’m so proud that that's how Flower Girl came to be.


Ruben has earned his stripes touring in 2019 as direct support for Kiesza (Canada, USA), as well as opening for international artists like The Chainsmokers, Akon, Nelly, Jarreau Vandal, Phony Ppl, Classified, and Jocelyn Alice. 

In 2019 he began to establish his presence across Canada performing in Toronto at Live Nation's Ones to Watch, as well as showcases such as School Night, NXNE, R&B Sounds and in Calgary at the Sounds of Summer Music Festival, and as the headliner at 10 at 10.

His own hard ticket value is continuing to grow as well. At his Calgary release party for his single "Golden Hell", he sold +350 tickets at $30 to a one-night-only concert at a custom warehouse venue in the heart of Calgary. The event was sponsored by the iconic cognac brand, Rémy Martin.




Becoming known as one of Canada's top emerging topliners, Ruben bridges a unique gap through a natural combination of his strong pop sensibilities, and his undeniable soul and hip-hop sensible influence. 

Some of his cuts include "Take Me Over" by Shaun Frank, "Psycho" and "Dear Dad" by  Delaney Jane, on her new album "Dirty Pretty Things". 


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The debut EP from Calgary R&B phenom Ruben Young comes by its title honestly—Dreamstate is a synth-imbued future-soul fantasia that’s tailor-made for the club and boudoir alike. But its plush, soft-focus production can’t completely anesthetize the restless energy at the centre of these seven tracks. “I got insecurity issues,” Young offers by way of introduction on “Vienna,” a downtempo, tropically tinged ode to the one who got away, and that sense of yearning rarely abates over the course of the EP. But Young recruits some seasoned wingmen to help him get back on his game: “Rachel Green” finds him pining for a girl that reminds him of his favourite Friends character with a sweet-talkin’ guest rap from Odd Future cofounder Hodgy, while stone-cold Toronto MC Terrell Morris helps steer the seething neo-soul kiss-off “Subtle Savage” toward a mind-melting psych-funk guitar solo.

- Apple Music - September 27, 2019

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